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Vol 38, No 3 (2012): December 2012 Stopping Powers and Inelastic Mean Free Path of 100 eV to 30 keV Electrons in Zirconium Silicates Abstract   PDF
D. Tahir, Suarga Suarga, Yulianti Yulianti, N.H. Sari
Vol 48, No 2 (2022): August 2022 Structure and Decay Properties of Th Isotopes Using E-RMFT Formalism Abstract   PDF
M. Das, K. C. Naik, N. Biswal, R. N. Panda
Vol 41, No 2 (2015): August 2015 Studies of Modification of Zeolite by Tandem Acid-Base Treatments and its Adsorptions Performance Towards Thorium Abstract   PDF
G. Nurliati, Y.K. Krisnandi, R. Sihombing, Z. Salimin
Vol 44, No 3 (2018): December 2018 Study of Cellulose-N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide-Acrylic Acid as Pb2+ Ion Adsorbent Abstract   PDF
M. Suhartini, J. Ginting, S Sudirman, A.D. Putri, Z.R. Mubarak
Vol 47, No 1 (2021): April 2021 Study of Dried and Calcinated Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Microspheres Morphology by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering and Optical Microscopy Abstract   PDF
A. Patriati, A. Insani, N. Suparno, E. Hutamaningtyas, S. Soontaranoon, M Mujamilah
Vol 32, No 2 (2006): July 2006 Study of Graft Copolymerization of Acrylic Acid Onto Nata De Coco and its Application as Microfiltration Membrane Abstract   PDF
T Puspitasari, CL Radiman
Vol 41, No 1 (2015): April 2015 Study of Leachate Contamination in Bantar Gebang Landfill to Its Shallow Groundwater using Natural Isotope Tracers of 18O, 2H and 3H Abstract   PDF
E.R. Pujiindiyati, P. Sidauruk
Vol 33, No 2 (2007): July 2007 Study of Sulphate Origin in Shallow Groundwater in the Vicinity of Bantar Gebang-Bekasi Landfill Using Sulphur-34 and Oxygen-18 Abstract   PDF
E.R. Pujiindiyati, Syafalni Syafalni
Vol 38, No 1 (2012): April 2012 Study of 99mTc Pertechnetate Radiopharmaceuticals in Relation to Thyroid Hormone for Toxic and non-Toxic Diffuse Goiter Abstract   PDF
N.P. Viantri, W. Setiabudi, C. Anam, F. Nadzir, C. Varuna
Vol 35, No 1 (2009): January 2009 Surface Roughness and Grain Size Characterization of Annealing Temperature Effect For Growth Gallium and Tantalum Doped Ba0.5 Sr0.5TiO3Thin Film Abstract   PDF
Irzaman Irzaman, H. Darmasetiawan, H. Hardhienata, M. Hikam, P. Arifin, S.N. Jusoh, S. Taking, Z. Jamal, M.A. Idris
Vol 39, No 2 (2013): August 2013 Synthesis and Characterization of Graft Copolymer Rice Straw Cellulose-Acrylamide Hydrogels Using Gamma Irradiation Abstract   PDF
D. Swantomo, Rochmadi Rochmadi, K.T. Basuki, R. Sudiyo
Vol 47, No 1 (2021): April 2021 Synthesis and Characterization of Ordered and Disordered Mesoporous Alumina as High-Performance Molybdenum-99 Adsorbents Abstract   PDF
I. Saptiama, F. Rindiyantono, A. Aries, Y. V. Kaneti, M. Iqbal
Vol 38, No 3 (2012): December 2012 Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(Amidoamine) Dendrimers Encapsulated 198Au Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
R. Ritawidya, A. Pujiyanto, Mujinah Mujinah, Witarti Witarti, Setiawan Setiawan, M. Ramli, D. Kurniasih, A. Yanuar, A. Mutalib, L.B. Kardono
Vol 43, No 3 (2017): December 2017 Synthesis and Characterization of Stoichiometric Spinel-LiMn2O4 Abstract   PDF
T. Y.S Panca Putra, D Deswita, A. Insani, H. Mugiraharjo, E. Sukirman, A.K. Jahja, T.H. Priyanto, S. Lee, T. Kamiyama
Vol 38, No 3 (2012): December 2012 Synthesis of 125I Labeled Estradiol-17β-Hemisuccinate and Its Binding Study to Estrogen Receptors Using Scintillation Proximity Assay Method Abstract   PDF
Y. Susilo, G. Mondrida, S. Setiyowati, Sutari Sutari, Triningsih Triningsih, W. Lestari, P. Widayati, C.N. Ardiyatno, A. Ariyanto, S. Darwati, L.B.S. Kardono, A. Yanuar
Vol 44, No 1 (2018): April 2018 Synthesis of Nano-α-Al2O3 for 99Mo Adsorbent Abstract   PDF
K Kadarisman, S Sriyono, A Abidin, E. Lestari, M Marlina, I. Saptiama, H. Setiawan
VOL 49, NO 2 (2023): AUGUST 2023 Synthesis of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)-Gelatin Hydrogel from White Snapper (Lates calcarifer, Bloch) with Gamma Irradiation and Its Characterizations Abstract   PDF
H Hariyanti, E Erizal, R. Z. Apriyani, D. P. Perkasa, I. Lestari, H. Rahmi
Vol 40, No 1 (2014): April 2014 Synthesis of Sulochrin-125I and Its Binding Affinity as α-Glucosidase Inhibitor using Radioligand Binding Assay (RBA) Method Abstract   PDF
W. Lestari, V.Y. Susilo, S. Setiyowati, Triningsih Triningsih, A. Ariyanto, P. Widayati, L.B.S. Kardono, A. Yanuar
Vol 44, No 1 (2018): April 2018 Synthesis, Structural and Magnetic Properties of La0.5Ba0.5CoO2.75+x Abstract   PDF
Z. Tan, P. Miao, Y. Ishikawa, M. Hagihala, S. Lee, S. Torii, M. Yonemura, T. Kamiyama
Vol 48, No 1 (2022): April 2022 Systematic Projected Shell Model Study of Even-Even Dysprosium Isotopes Abstract   PDF
H. Aghahasani, S. Mohammadi, Z. Sajjadi
Vol 43, No 3 (2017): December 2017 Technetium-99m-Labeled Diethylcarbamazine Citrate (99mTc-DEC) as a New Diagnostic Agent for Lymphatic Filariasis Detection Abstract   PDF
N. K. Oekar, A. Hanafiah, D. Setiawan, E.M. Widyasari
Vol 42, No 3 (2016): December 2016 Temperature and Salinity Effects on Bioaccumulation, Gill Structure, and Radiation Dose Estimation in the Milkfish Chanos chanos Exposed to 137Cs Abstract   PDF
W.R. Prihatiningsih, H. Suseno, N.P. Zamani, D. Soedharma
Vol 41, No 1 (2015): April 2015 Temperature and Stretching Effects on Complementarity Determining Regions (CDRs) Conformation and Stability of Nimotuzumab F(ab)-Fragment Abstract   PDF
T.S. Humani, M.A. Martoprawiro, A. Mutalib
Vol 42, No 1 (2016): April 2016 Temperature Dependence of the Primary Species Yields of Liquid Water Radiolysis by 0.8-MeV Fast Neutrons Abstract   PDF
S.L. Butarbutar, G.R. Sunaryo, J. Meesungnoen, J.P. Jay-Gerin
Vol 41, No 1 (2015): April 2015 Terrestrial Gamma Radiation Exposure in Bangka-Belitung Islands, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Syarbaini Syarbaini, A. Setiawan
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