Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 48 No 1 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 48 No 1 PDF


Assessment of TMSR-500 Shutdown Capability PDF
A. Khakim, F. R. Firmanda, Y. Pramono, S Suharyana 1-7
Skin Dosimetric Comparison of 3DCRT and IMRT Planning for Post-Mastectomy Breast Radiotherapy PDF
F. K. Hentihu, A. K. Anto, R. S. Nugroho 9-13
The Evaluation of Fission Barrier Height by Fission Toy Model Approach PDF
R. Kurniadi, Z. Suud, Y. S. Perkasa 15-19
The Effects of High Level Natural Radiation in Mamuju - Indonesia on the Immune System of Its Residents PDF
D Darlina, T. Rahardjo, H. N. E. Surniyantoro, N. Rahajeng, M. Syaifudin 21-27
Systematic Projected Shell Model Study of Even-Even Dysprosium Isotopes PDF
H. Aghahasani, S. Mohammadi, Z. Sajjadi 29-35
In Vitro Release of Metformin HCl from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) - Gelatin Hydrogels Prepared by Gamma Irradiation PDF
H Hariyanti, E Erizal, E. Mustikarani, I. Lestari, F. Lukitowati 37-43
Detection of Spoilage in Canned Pasteurized Milk Using the Radiographic Imaging Technique PDF
D. T. Thuy, H. B. Tien, H. B. Ngoc, T. T. Kim, T. T. Ngoc 45-50
Effect of Sub-energy Windows’ Parameters on the Triple Energy Window Scatter Correction Method Accuracy in 99mTc SPECT Imaging PDF
H. Saikouk, N. E. Khayati, A. Matrane 51-59
Correlations Between Body Weight and Size-Specific Dose Estimate on Thoracic Computed Tomography Examination PDF
A. L. Wati, C. Anam, A. Nitasari, S Syarifudin, G. Dougherty 61-65
A Study on Radiation Hazard of Granite and Marble Widely Used in Jordan Using Gamma Ray Spectrometer PDF
A. N. Akour, S. Shakhatreh 67-71
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 48 No 1 PDF