April 2021

Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 47 No 1 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 47 No 1 PDF


Radon Concentrations in Canned Liquid Juice PDF
A. A. Abojassim 1-4
Study of Dried and Calcinated Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Microspheres Morphology by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering and Optical Microscopy PDF
A. Patriati, A. Insani, N. Suparno, E. Hutamaningtyas, S. Soontaranoon, M Mujamilah 5-10
Measurements of Natural Radionuclides and 137Cs in Airborne Particulate Samples Collected from Bali and Lombok Islands (Indonesia) PDF
S Syarbaini, W Wahyudi, G. Suhariyono, D. Gunawan, E. Suharguniyawan 11-16
Calculated Electronic Energy Loss of Heavy Ions at Low Energies in LR-115, Kapton, SiO2, and Al2O3 Amorphous Materials PDF
J. El Asri, O. El Bounagui, N. Tahiri, A. Chetaine, H. Erramli 17-23
Investigation on the Background Radiation of Abakaliki Rice Mill in Ebonyi State, Nigeria PDF
A. Nwachukwu, F. C. Ikeagwuani, A. O. Adeboje 25-30
Safety Investigation of Hazardous Materials Released from the Combined High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor – Hydrogen Production Plant Using ALOHA Software PDF
D. Priambodo, S Sunarko, W. W. Purwanto 31-38
Conceptual Design of Experimental Facility for Large-Diameter NTD-Si at the IRT-T Reactor PDF
I. I. Lebedev, D. E. Zolotykh, A. G. Naymushin, N. V. Smolnikov, M. N. Anikin, V. V. Varlachev 39-44
Synthesis and Characterization of Ordered and Disordered Mesoporous Alumina as High-Performance Molybdenum-99 Adsorbents PDF
I. Saptiama, F. Rindiyantono, A. Aries, Y. V. Kaneti, M. Iqbal 45-53
Reactivity Effects in a Very-High-Temperature Pebble-Bed Reactor PDF
D. M. Pérez, L. H. Pardo, D. M. Pérez, L. P. R. Garcia, D. E. M. Lorenzo, C. A. B. de Oliveira Lira 55-64
Proposed Managements of 137Cs Contaminated Soil: Case Study in South Tangerang City PDF
B. Setiawan, D. Iskandar, G. Nurliati, H. Sriwahyuni, M Mirawaty, P. A. Artiani, K. Heriyanto, N. E. Ekaningrum, Y. Purwanto, S Sumarbagiono 65-76
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 47 No 1 PDF