April 2019

Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 45 No 1 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 45 No 1 PDF


Interaction of 137Cs with Sumedang Clay as Natural Barrier of Radwaste Disposal PDF
B. Setiawan, U. Zhafirah, A. Saefumillah 1 - 7
Early Lung Cancer Detection Using Artificial Neural Network PDF
T. Pandiangan, I. Bali, A. R.J. Silalahi 9 - 15
Experimental and Numerical Simulation Investigation of Single-Phase Natural Circulation in a Large Scale Rectangular Loop PDF
A.R. Antariksawan, S. Widodo, M. Juarsa, S. Ismarwanti, D. Saptoadi, M.H. Kusuma, T. Ardiyati, T. M.I. Mahlia 17-25
Assessment of Individual Radiosensitivity in Inhabitants of Takandeang Village - A High Background Radiation Area in Indonesia PDF
D. Ramadhani, S. Purnami, S. Nurhayati, M. Lubis, D. Tetriana, W. Mailana, K. D. Purwanti, E. Pudjadi, I. Kashiwakura, R. Okazaki, M. Syaifudin 27-35
Occupational and Patient Doses in Interventional Cardiology in Indonesia: A Preliminary Result PDF
E. Hiswara, K.H. Ng, H. Sofyan, D. Kartikasari, N. Nuraeni 37-41
A Bayesian Network Approach to Estimating Software Reliability of RSG-GAS Reactor Protection System PDF
S. Santoso, S. Bakhri, J. Situmorang 43-49
Assessment of Human Milk Intake by Breastfed Infants Using Deuterium Oxide Dose-to-Mother Technique in “Tumbuh Kembang Anak†Cohort, Indonesia PDF
E.K. Winarno, H. Winarno, S Susanto, T. Fajarwati, T. Thomas 51-58
Investigation on Neutron Flux Effect onto Irradiated Fuel Burn-up Stored in the Reactor TRIGA PUSPATI PDF
M.A.A. Husain, S. Hashim, D. Bradley, M.H. Rabir, N. Zakaria, M.R.M. Zin 59-65
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 45 No 1 PDF