December 2018

Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 44 No 3 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 44 No 3 PDF


Atmospheric Dispersion Analysis for Expected Radiation Dose due to Normal Operation of RSG-GAS and RDE Reactors PDF
P.M. Udiyani, S. Kuntjoro, G.R. Sunaryo, H. Susiati 115-121
An Experimental Analysis on Nusselt Number of Natural Circulation Flow in Transient Condition Based on the Height Differences between Heater and Cooler PDF
M. Juarsa, J.P. Witoko, G Giarno, D. Haryanto, J.H. Purba 123-130
Shielding Design for the PGNAA Experimental Facility at Kartini Reactor PDF
T. Sutondo, S Syarip 131-135
Phosphate Solubilizing Study on the Determination of Inoculant Dose and Composition for Biofossi Fertilizer PDF
A. Citraresmini, E.T. Sofyan 137-144
Study of Cellulose-N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide-Acrylic Acid as Pb2+ Ion Adsorbent PDF
M. Suhartini, J. Ginting, S Sudirman, A.D. Putri, Z.R. Mubarak 145-153
Essential Minerals of Rice in West Java Indonesia and Its Daily Intake Estimation PDF
W.Y.N. Syahfitri, E. Damastuti, N. Adventini, D.P.D. Atmodjo, I. Kusmartini, S. Kurniawati, D.D. Lestiani, M. Santoso 155-163
A Novel Technique for Removal of High Density White Spot Noise from Digital Neutron Radiographic Images PDF
A. Hindasyah, D. Sudiana, D. Gunawan 165-171
Pharmacokinetics Interaction of Non-Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs to 99mTc-MDP Radiopharmaceuticals for Bone Imaging and Its Biodistribution PDF
I. Mahendra, I. Daruwati, I. Halimah, S.R. Pajrin 173-177
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 44 No 3 PDF