January 2009

Table of Contents


Modified Starch of Sorghum Mutant Line Zh-30 for High Fiber Muffin Products PDF
D.D.S. Santosa, S. Human 1-9
The Mechanism of Mg2Al3 Formation by Mechanical Alloying PDF
H. Suwarno, W.A. Adi, A. Insani 11-18
Measurements of Residual Stresses in Cold-Rolled 304 Stainless Steel Plates Using X-Ray Diffraction with Rietveld Refinement Method PDF
P Parikin, P. Killen, A. Rafterry 19-36
Geothermal Reservoir Characterization for Steam Field Management in Kamojang Geothermal Field-West Java PDF
Z. Abidin, R. Prasetio, Prayoto Prayoto 37-48
Hybrid Weakness Found in the Backcross Progeny of an Inter-Specific Cross of Oryza Sativa / O. Glumaepatula PDF
Sobrizal Sobrizal, A. Yoshimura 49-56
Surface Roughness and Grain Size Characterization of Annealing Temperature Effect For Growth Gallium and Tantalum Doped Ba0.5 Sr0.5TiO3Thin Film PDF
Irzaman Irzaman, H. Darmasetiawan, H. Hardhienata, M. Hikam, P. Arifin, S.N. Jusoh, S. Taking, Z. Jamal, M.A. Idris 57-67