December 2017

Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 43 No 3 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 43 No 3 PDF


Assessment of Heavy Metals on Occupationally Exposed Workers from Hair Analysis PDF
E. Damastuti, N. Adventini, W.Y.N. Syahfitri, S. Kurniawati, D.D. Lestiani, M. Santoso 119-126
Comparative Analysis of Direct and Indirect 131I Measurement Methods from the Stack to Outdoor PDF
G. Suhariyono, B Bunawas 127-136
Technetium-99m-Labeled Diethylcarbamazine Citrate (99mTc-DEC) as a New Diagnostic Agent for Lymphatic Filariasis Detection PDF
N. K. Oekar, A. Hanafiah, D. Setiawan, E.M. Widyasari 137-144
Thermal Hydraulic Modeling of Once-Through Steam Generator by Two-Fluid U-Tube Steam Generator Code PDF
A. Zeighami, M. Rahgoshay, M. Khaleghi, M. Hashemi-Tilehnoee 145-148
Effects of Cooling Fluid Flow Rate on the Critical Heat Flux and Flow Stability in the Plate Fuel Type 2 MW TRIGA Reactor PDF
H. P. Rahardjo, V. I. Sri Wardhani 149-155
Comprehensive Prediction of Thermosyphon Characteristics in Reactor Passive Cooling System Simulation Loop FASSIP-01 PDF
H. Tjahjono 157-166
In Vitro Infectivity Study of Cryopreserved Irradiated Intraerythrocytic Form of Plasmodium falciparum PDF
S. Nurhayati, T. Rahardjo, D Darlina, D. Tetriana, T. Kisnanto, M. Syaifudin, D. Ramadhani 167-171
Synthesis and Characterization of Stoichiometric Spinel-LiMn2O4 PDF
T. Y.S Panca Putra, D Deswita, A. Insani, H. Mugiraharjo, E. Sukirman, A.K. Jahja, T.H. Priyanto, S. Lee, T. Kamiyama 173-179
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 43 No 3 PDF