April 2016

Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 1 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 1 PDF


Identification and Angular Distribution of Residual Radionuclides Detected on the Wall of BATAN’s Cyclotron Cave PDF
I. Kambali, H. Suryanto, P Parwanto 1 - 8
The Effect of Pretreatment by using Electron Beam Irradiation on Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch PDF
A. Kristiani, N. Effendi, D. Styarini, F. Aulia, Y. Sudiyani 9 - 12
Temperature Dependence of the Primary Species Yields of Liquid Water Radiolysis by 0.8-MeV Fast Neutrons PDF
S.L. Butarbutar, G.R. Sunaryo, J. Meesungnoen, J.P. Jay-Gerin 13 - 18
The Utilization of Microbial Inoculants Based on Irradiated Compost in Dryland Remediation to Increase the Growth of King Grass and Maize PDF
T.R.D. Larasati, N. Mulyana, D. Sudradjat 19 - 25
Profile of MIBI Liquid Phase Radiopharmaceutical for Myocardial Imaging PDF
I. Daruwati, M.E. Sriyani, N.K. Oekar, A. Hanafiah, N. Zainuddin 27 - 32
The Relationship between Expression of p70s6k with Radiotherapy Response in Cervical Cancer PDF
I. Kurnia, B. Siregar, Z. Alatas, I. Ramli, T. Kurjana, A. Andriono, M.D.L. Tobing, B.S. Hernowo, T. Kisnanto, Y. Lusiyanti, D. Tetriana, S. Soetopo 33 - 38
Identification of the Second Mutation of BADH2 Gene Derived from Rice Mutant Lines Induced by Gamma Rays PDF
I. Ishak 39 44
Appendix Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 1 PDF