December 2015

Table of Contents


A Fuzzy Probability Algorithm for Evaluating the AP1000 Long Term Cooling System to Mitigate Large Break LOCA PDF
J.H. Purba 113-121
Optimization of Residual Stress of High Temperature Treatment Using Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network PDF
M. Susmikanti, A. Hafid, J.B. Sulistyo 123-130
Preparation of 99mTc-Kanamycin Using a Direct Labeling Method PDF
E.M. Widyasari, M.E. Sriyani, T.H.A. Wibawa, W. Nuraeni 131-137
Investigation on Operating Parameters of the Homemade Penning-Type Ion Source for Cyclotron PDF
S Silakhuddin, S. Santosa 139-143
Simulations of Beam Quality in a 13 MeV PET Cyclotron PDF
A. Pramudita, E. Mulyani, I.A. Kudus 145-149
Assessment of Average Tracer Concentration Approach for Flow Rate Measurement and Field Calibration PDF
P. Sidauruk, S Satrio, E.R. Pujiindiyati 151-159
Evaluation of Mungbean Mutant Lines to Drought Stress and Their Genetic Relationships Using SSR Markers PDF
Y Yuliasti, R Reflinur 161-167