August 2015

Table of Contents


Feasibility of Thorium Fuel Cycles in a Very High Temperature Pebble-Bed Hybrid System PDF
L.P. Rodriguez, D. Milian, C.R. García, D.E. Milian, C.A. Brayner, M. Cadavid 53-60
A Paradigm Shift in Low Dose Radiation Biology PDF
Z. Alatas 61-70
Effect of Temperature and Mole Ratio on the Synthesis Yield of Rhenium-Tetrofosmin PDF
W Widyastuti, A.H. Gunawan 71-77
Bacterial Diversity in Buffalo Meat and Bowel from Traditional Market and the Sensitivity of Some Bacteria to Irradiation and Antibiotics PDF
H. Harsojo, S.Y. Sari 79-85
Studies of Modification of Zeolite by Tandem Acid-Base Treatments and its Adsorptions Performance Towards Thorium PDF
G. Nurliati, Y.K. Krisnandi, R. Sihombing, Z. Salimin 87-95
Design and Development of Carborne Survey Equipment PDF
S Syarbaini, B Bunawas, I.P. Susila 97-102
The Use of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution for (n,γ)99Mo/99mTc Generator Based on Zirconium-Based Material (ZBM) PDF
I. Saptiama, M Marlina, E. Sarmini, H Herlina, S Sriyono, A Abidin, H. Setiawan, K Kadarisman, H. Lubis, A. Mutalib 103-109