April 2015

Table of Contents


Estimation of Phonon Dispersion Relations Using Correlation Effects Among Thermal Displacements of Atoms PDF
Y. Ishikawa, T. Sakuma, T. Hashimoto, Xianglian Xianglian, O. Kamishima, S.A. Danilkin 1-5
Preliminary Neutronic Design of High Burnup OTTO Cycle Pebble Bed Reactor PDF
T. Setiadipura, D. Irwanto, Zuhair Zuhair 7-15
Temperature and Stretching Effects on Complementarity Determining Regions (CDRs) Conformation and Stability of Nimotuzumab F(ab)-Fragment PDF
T.S. Humani, M.A. Martoprawiro, A. Mutalib 17-25
Determination of Lactic Acid Bacteria Viability in the Small Intestine of Catfish (Pangasius djambal) by Using the 32P Radioisotope PDF
I. Sugoro, D. Fairuz, A. Citraresmini, A.P. Murni 27-30
Study of Leachate Contamination in Bantar Gebang Landfill to Its Shallow Groundwater using Natural Isotope Tracers of 18O, 2H and 3H PDF
E.R. Pujiindiyati, P. Sidauruk 31-39
Terrestrial Gamma Radiation Exposure in Bangka-Belitung Islands, Indonesia PDF
Syarbaini Syarbaini, A. Setiawan 41-45
Distribution of 137Cs Radionuclide in Industrial Wastes Effluents of Gresik, East Java, Indonesia PDF
Muslim Muslim, H. Suseno, F. Rafsani 47-50