August 2013

Table of Contents


On the Temperature Dependence of the Rate Constant of the Bimolecular Reaction of Two Hydrated Electrons PDF
S.L. Butarbutar, Y. Muroya, L.M. Kohan, S. Sanguanmith, J. Meesungnoen, J.-P. Jay-Gerin 51-56
Synthesis and Characterization of Graft Copolymer Rice Straw Cellulose-Acrylamide Hydrogels Using Gamma Irradiation PDF
D. Swantomo, Rochmadi Rochmadi, K.T. Basuki, R. Sudiyo 57-64
Non-destructive Residual Stress Analysis Around The Weld-Joint of Fuel Cladding Materials of ZrNbMoGe Alloys PDF
Parikin Parikin, Bandriyana Bandriyana, I. Wahyono, A.H. Ismoyo 65-74
The Preliminary Prototype of Medium Dose Rate Brachytherapy Equipment PDF
A. Satmoko, T. Harjanto, I.M. Putra, Kristiyanti Kristiyanti 75-81
Physicochemical and Biological Analysis of 99mTc-Glutathione Radiopharmaceuticals PDF
M.E. Sriyani, N. Zainuddin 82-87
The use of 32P Method to Evaluate the Growth of Lowland Rice Cultivated in a System of Rice Intensification (SRI) PDF
A. Citraresmini, I. Anas, Nurmayulis Nurmayulis 88-94
Development of Data Acquisition and Control Software for Neutron Radiography Facility at Serpong, Indonesia PDF
Bharoto Bharoto 95-99