July 2005

Table of Contents


Pilot Scale Production of Irradiated Natural Rubber Latex and its Dipping Products PDF
M. Utama, M. Suhartini, Herwinarni Herwinarni, Siswanto Siswanto, S. Yoharmus, H. Sundaru, H.M. Halik, Prayitno Prayitno, H.M. Muklis, S. Ruslim 61-78
Trial Production of Surgical Gloves from Irradiated Natural Rubber Latex on Factory Scale PDF
M. Utama, Herwinarni Herwinarni, M. Sumarti, Siswanto Siswanto, Suharyanto Suharyanto, S Ruslim 79-90
The Influence of Heat Treatment Time and Temperature on the Physical Properties of Assab-Corax Steel PDF
A.K. Jahja, Parikin Parikin, N. Effendi 91-102
The use of Micronucleus Assay on Swiss-Webster Mice (Mus Musculus) Bone Marrow for the Mutagenicity Test of γ-Irradiation PDF
R. Sofyan, Y. Sumpena, M. Lukita, A. Fitrisari 103-110
Pressure Dependence of Crystal Structure and Ionic Conductivity on Composite Glass (AgI)0.7(AgPO3)0.3 PDF
S. Suminta, E. Kartini, Mardiyanto Mardiyanto, W.A. Adi 111-125