December 2011

Table of Contents


The Feasibility of Gamma Irradiation for Developing Malaria Vaccine PDF
M. Syaifudin, D. Tetriana, Darlina Darlina, S. Nurhayati 91-101
Stability Test For Sorghum Mutant Lines Derived From Induced Mutations with Gamma-Ray Irradiation PDF
S. Human, S. Andreani, Sihono Sihono, W.M. Indriatama 102-106
Effectiveness of Gamma Irradiation for Decontamination of Microbes on Tea Parasite Herb Scurrula atropurpurea (Bl.) Dans PDF
E. Katrin, M. Yulianti, H. Winarno 107-112
Simulation of Ion Source’s Control System on Cyclotron Using Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) PDF
R.S. Darmawan, S. Santosa, Silakhuddin Silakhuddin 113-118
Degradation of Cibacron Red Dye using ZnO as a Catalyst Coated on the Surface of the Glass in the Photocatalytic Process PDF
A. Sumartono, W. Andayani 119-125
Responses of Soybean Mutant Lines to Aluminium under In Vitro and In Vivo Condition PDF
Yuliasti Yuliasti, Sudarsono Sudarsono 126-132
Electrical Properties of Photodiode Ba0.25Sr0.75TiO3 (BST) Thin Film Doped with Ferric Oxide on p-type Si (100) Substrate using Chemical Solution Deposition Method PDF
Irzaman Irzaman, H. Syafutra, H. Darmasetiawan, H. Hardhienata, R. Erviansyah, F. Huriawati, Akhiruddin Akhiruddin, M. Hikam, P. Arifin 133-138