Conceptual Design of Experimental Facility for Large-Diameter NTD-Si at the IRT-T Reactor

I. I. Lebedev, D. E. Zolotykh, A. G. Naymushin, N. V. Smolnikov, M. N. Anikin, V. V. Varlachev


The IRT-T reactor has been conducting research in the field of irradiation of ingots of single-crystal semiconductor materials since 1987. The article describes the existing silicon doping facility. The results of studies on the possibility of creating an additional irradiation channel for neutron-transmutation doping of silicon are presented. It is shown that the use of a graphite reflector and a thermal neutron filter based on boron makes it possible to achieve non-uniformity of irradiation up to 5 %. The principal possibility of irradiating single-crystal silicon ingots with a diameter of up to 203 mm and a length of up to 500 mm is shown. The questions of optimizing the configuration of the core and the regime of reactors operation for increasing the neutron flux in the irradiation channels are discussed. In addition, applying the facility to produce base materials for neutron dosimeter in neutron capture therapy studies is proposed.


Neutron transmutation doping of silicon; NTD-Si; Thermal neutron filter; Research reactor IRT-T; Neutron flux profile

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