Issue Title
Vol 37, No 2 (2011): August 2011 Analytical Methods INAA and PIXE Applied to Characterization of Airborne Particulate Matter in Bandung, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
D.D. Lestiani, M. Santoso
Vol 45, No 3 (2019): December 2019 Antiproliferative Activity of Extracts and Fractions from Irradiated Curcuma zanthorrhiza Rhizomes Against Mouse Leukemia and Human Cancer Cell Lines Abstract   PDF
E.K. Winarno, H. Winarno, S Susanto
Vol 42, No 1 (2016): April 2016 Appendix Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 1 Details   PDF
preface preface
Vol 42, No 2 (2016): August 2016 Appendix Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 2 Details   PDF
appendix appendix
Vol 42, No 3 (2016): December 2016 Appendix Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 3 Details   PDF
appendix appendix
Vol 37, No 2 (2011): August 2011 Application of Deuterium and Oxygen-18 to Trace Leachate Movement in Bantar Gebang Sanitary Landfill Abstract   PDF
E.R. Pujiindiyati
Vol 45, No 2 (2019): August 2019 Application of Digital Anti-Coincidence Counting Method for Primary Activity Determination of 59Fe Abstract   PDF
A. Agusbudiman, K.B. Lee, J.M. Lee
Vol 32, No 1 (2006): January 2006 Application of Mutation Techniques in Sorghum Breeding for Improved Drought Tolerance Abstract   PDF
S Human, Sihono Sihono, Parno Parno
Vol 38, No 3 (2012): December 2012 Arsenic Irradiation Induced Atomic Interdiffusion of InxGa1-xAs/InP Quantum Well Structures Abstract   PDF
P.L. Gareso, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish
Vol 41, No 3 (2015): December 2015 Assessment of Average Tracer Concentration Approach for Flow Rate Measurement and Field Calibration Abstract   PDF
P. Sidauruk, S Satrio, E.R. Pujiindiyati
Vol 43, No 3 (2017): December 2017 Assessment of Heavy Metals on Occupationally Exposed Workers from Hair Analysis Abstract   PDF
E. Damastuti, N. Adventini, W.Y.N. Syahfitri, S. Kurniawati, D.D. Lestiani, M. Santoso
Vol 45, No 1 (2019): April 2019 Assessment of Human Milk Intake by Breastfed Infants Using Deuterium Oxide Dose-to-Mother Technique in “Tumbuh Kembang Anak” Cohort, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
E.K. Winarno, H. Winarno, S Susanto, T. Fajarwati, T. Thomas
Vol 45, No 1 (2019): April 2019 Assessment of Individual Radiosensitivity in Inhabitants of Takandeang Village - A High Background Radiation Area in Indonesia Abstract   PDF
D. Ramadhani, S. Purnami, S. Nurhayati, M. Lubis, D. Tetriana, W. Mailana, K. D. Purwanti, E. Pudjadi, I. Kashiwakura, R. Okazaki, M. Syaifudin
Vol 45, No 2 (2019): August 2019 Assessment of Ionizing Radiation Effects on the Hematological Parameters of Radiation-Exposed Workers Abstract   PDF
H.N.E. Surniyantoro, T. Rahardjo, Y. Lusiyanti, N. Rahajeng, A.H. Sadewa, P. Hastuti, H. Date
Vol 43, No 1 (2017): April 2017 Assessment of Ionizing Radiation Induced Dicentric Chromosome and Micronuclei in Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes for Preliminary Reconstruction of Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Abstract   PDF
M. Syaifudin, Y. Lusiyanti, S. Purnami, Y.S Lee, C.M. Kang
Vol 37, No 2 (2011): August 2011 Assessment of Nugget Size of Spot Weld using Neutron Radiography Abstract   PDF
Triyono Triyono, Jamasri Jamasri, M.N. Ilman, R. Soekrisno, Sutiarso Sutiarso
Vol 38, No 1 (2012): April 2012 Assessment of Trace Element Daily Intake Based on Consumption Rate of Foodstuffs in Bandung City Abstract   PDF
E. Damastuti, W.Y.N. Syahfitri, M. Santoso, D.D. Lestiani
Vol 44, No 3 (2018): December 2018 Atmospheric Dispersion Analysis for Expected Radiation Dose due to Normal Operation of RSG-GAS and RDE Reactors Abstract   PDF
P.M. Udiyani, S. Kuntjoro, G.R. Sunaryo, H. Susiati
Vol 41, No 2 (2015): August 2015 Bacterial Diversity in Buffalo Meat and Bowel from Traditional Market and the Sensitivity of Some Bacteria to Irradiation and Antibiotics Abstract   PDF
H. Harsojo, S.Y. Sari
Vol 38, No 2 (2012): August 2012 Bacterial Protein Characterization of Streptococcus agalactiae by SDS-page Method for Subclinical Mastitis Irradiated Vaccine Materials in Dairy Cattle Abstract   PDF
B.J. Tuasikal, I.W.T. Wibawan, F.H. Pasaribu, S. Estuningsih
Vol 43, No 1 (2017): April 2017 Behavior of 137Cs Activity in the Sayung Waters, Demak, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
M Muslim, H. Suseno, M.J. Pratiwi
Vol 39, No 3 (2013): December 2013 Biodistribution and Imaging of The 99mTc-Glutathione Radiopharmaceutical in White Rats Induced with Cancer Abstract   PDF
H. Wongso, N. Zainuddin, Iswahyudi Iswahyudi
Vol 43, No 2 (2017): August 2017 Biological Dosimetry Using Micronucleus Assay in Simulated Partial-Body Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Abstract   PDF
S. Purnami, S. Nurhayati, M. Syaifudin, D. Ramadhani
Vol 40, No 3 (2014): December 2014 Calculated Radioactivity Yields of Cu-64 from Proton-Bombarded Ni-64 Targets Using SRIM Codes Abstract   PDF
I. Kambali
Vol 32, No 1 (2006): January 2006 Calculation and Analysis of B/T (Burning and/or Transmutation) Rate of Minor Actinides and Plutonium Performed by Fast B/T Reactor Abstract   PDF
Marsodi Marsodi
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