August 2017

Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 43 No 2 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 43 No 2 PDF


Development of Data Acquisition and Measurement Software for Neutron Triple Axis Spectrometer at BATAN-Serpong, Indonesia PDF
B Bharoto, S Sairun, A. Ramadhani, I. Sumirat 63 -68
RIA Analysis of Unprotected TRIGA Reactor PDF
M.H. Altaf, S.M. Tazul Islam, N.H. Badrun 69 - 73
Biological Dosimetry Using Micronucleus Assay in Simulated Partial-Body Exposure to Ionizing Radiation PDF
S. Purnami, S. Nurhayati, M. Syaifudin, D. Ramadhani 75 - 80
Optimization of Ion Source Head Position in the Central Region of DECY-13 Cyclotron PDF
S Silakhuddin, I.A. Kudus 81 - 86
Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental Gamma Dose Rate around Serpong Nuclear Complex PDF
I.P. Susila, A. Yuniarto, C. Cahyana 87 - 92
Determination of Reactivity and Neutron Flux Using Modified Neural Network for HTGR PDF
M. Subekti, K. Kudo, K. Nabeshima, K. Takamatsu 93 - 102
Field Performance of Five Soybean Mutants Under Drought Stress Conditions and Molecular Analysis Using SSR Markers PDF
Y Yuliasti, R Reflinur 103-109
Simulation of Spray Injection in the Pressurizer Using RELAP5 PDF
S. Dibyo, S Susyadi 111-116
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 43 No 2 PDF