Table of Contents


Preparation and Characterization of Zirconia Nanomaterial as a Molybdenum-99 Adsorbent PDF
M Marlina, E. Sarmini, H Herlina, S Sriyono, I. Saptiama, H. Setiawan, K Kadarisman
Behavior of 137Cs Activity in the Sayung Waters, Demak, Indonesia PDF
M Muslim, H. Suseno, M.J. Pratiwi
Experimental Validation of Ex-Vessel Neutron Spectrum by Means of Dosimeter Materials Activation Method PDF
S.A. Santa
The Evaluation of the Effective Diameter (Deff) Calculation and its Impact on the Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE) PDF
C. Anam, F. Haryanto, R. Widitar, I. Arif, G. Dougherty
Optimization of Electrodeposition Parameters to Increase 99mTc Radioactive Concentration PDF
M.B. Febrian, Y. Setiadi, T.H.A. Wibawa
Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Ruminal Degradation of Samurai 1 Sweet Sorghum Bagasse PDF
T. Wahyono, N. Lelananingtyas, S Sihono