April 2013

Table of Contents


Development of a PIGE-Detection System for in-situ Inspection and Quality Assurance in the Evolution of Fast Rotating Parts in High Temperature Environment Manufactured from TiAl PDF
S. Neve, H.-E. Zschau, P.J. Masset, M. Sch├╝tze 1-7
Derivation of Inter-Atomic Force Constants of Cu2O from Diffuse Neutron Scattering Measurement PDF
T. Makhsun, T. Sakuma, E. Kartini, R. Sakai, H. Takahashi, N. Igawa, S.A. Danilkin 8-12
Determination of Total Arsenic in Seaweed Products by Neutron Activation Analysis PDF
N. Salim, M. Santoso, S. Damayanti, T.G. Kartawinata 13-18
Effectiveness of Gamma Rays in Attenuating Rodent Malaria Parasites of Plasmodium berghei in Blood of Mice PDF
M. Syaifudin, Darlina Darlina, T. Rahardjo, D. Tetriana, S. Nurhayati, H.N.E. Surniyantoro, T. Kisnanto 19-23
Characteristics of Screen Mesh Wick Heat Pipe with Nano-fluid as Passive Cooling System PDF
W.N. Septiadi, N. Putra, M. Juarsa, I.P.A Putra, R. Sahmura 24-31
Prediction of Separation Length of Turbulent Multiphase Flow Using Radiotracer and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation PDF
S. Sugiharto, R. Kurniadi, Z. Abidin, Z. Stegowski, L. Furman 32-39
Y-Spect: A Multi-Method Gamma Spectrometry Analysis Program PDF
P.I. Yazid 40-49