December 2010

Table of Contents


Modelling of Ion Transport in Solids with a General Bond Valence Based Force-Field PDF
S. Adams, R.P. Rao 95-104
Diffraction Plane Dependence of Micro Residual Stresses in Uniaxially Extended Carbon Steels PDF
T. Hanabusa, A. Shiro, M. Refai, M. Nishida 105-110
Crystallite Size and Microstrain Measurement of Cathode Material after Mechanical Milling using Neutron Diffraction Technique PDF
A. Fajar, Gunawan Gunawan, E. Kartini, H. Mugirahardjo, M. Ihsan 111-115
A New Possibility of Dynamical Study on Solid State Ionic Materials by Inelastic Neutron Scattering PDF
M. Nakamura, K. Nakajima, Y. Inamura, S. Ohira Kawamura, T. Kikuchi, T. Otomo, M. Arai 116-120
Force Constants of Cu Crystals from Diffuse Neutron Scattering Measurement PDF
T. Sakuma, S.R. Mohapatra, H. Uehara, R. Sakai, Xianglian Xianglian, H. Takahashi, N. Igawa, K. Basar 121-124
New Analytical Methods for the Surface/ Interface and the Micro-Structures in Advanced Nanocomposite Materials by Synchrotron Radiation PDF
K. Nakamae, J. Matsui, K. Yokoyama, Y. Urushihara, S. Kuwamoto, L. Li, S. Takeda 125-128
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Li-ion Battery PDF
D. Ohno, Y. Iwai, J. Kawamura 129-132