Atom Indonesia Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit electronically, the number of pages should be minimum five and maximum ten pages through journal website. The submitted paper should follow the format available on the article template.

The scopes of accepted papers are:

  • nuclear physics
  • reactor physics
  • radioactive waste
  • fuel element
  • radioisotopes
  • radiopharmacy
  • radiation
  • and neutron scattering
  • as well as their utilization in agriculture, industry, health, environment, energy, material science and technology, and related fields

Online submission and online publication in Atom Indonesia will be charged at no cost.

Posted: 2017-02-17
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Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 3 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 3 PDF


Preliminary Values of Diagnostic Reference Level for Selected X-Ray Examinations in Indonesia PDF
E. Hiswara, H. Prasetio, D. Kartikasari, N. Nuraeni, K.Y.P. Sandy 99-104
An Online Non-Invasive Condition Monitoring Method for Stepping Motor CRDM in HTGR PDF
S. Bakhri, N. Ertugrul 105-114
Development of 99Mo/99mTc Generator System for Production of Medical Radionuclide 99mTc using a Neutron-activated 99Mo and Zirconium Based Material (ZBM) as its Adsorbent PDF
I. Saptiama, E. Lestari, E. Sarmini, H. Lubis, M Marlina, A. Mutalib 115-121
Neutronic and Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Analysis for the Optimization of the Uranium Foil Target in the RSG-GAS Reactor PDF
S. Pinem, T.M. Sembiring, P.H. Liem 123-128
Temperature and Salinity Effects on Bioaccumulation, Gill Structure, and Radiation Dose Estimation in the Milkfish Chanos chanos Exposed to 137Cs PDF
W.R. Prihatiningsih, H. Suseno, N.P. Zamani, D. Soedharma 129-135
Characterization of Zircaloy-4 after Gaseous Hydriding at the Temperature Range of 350-600°C PDF
R. Sigit, H. Suwarno, B. Soegijono 137-143
Uptake and Cytotoxicity Characterization of Radioiodine in MCF-7 and SKBR3 Breast Cancer Cell Lines PDF
A. Elliyanti, V.Y. Susilo, S. Setiyowati, M. Ramli, J.S. Masjhur, T.H. Achmad 145-149
Appendix Atom Indonesia Vol 42 No 3 PDF