ATOM INDONESIA invites worldwide scientists to send their papers to the 6th annual competition, entitled “ATOM INDONESIA BEST PAPER AWARD 2014” (AIBPA 2014)


ATOM INDONESIA is one of the most highly reputed scientific journals in Indonesia. It is an
open access international peer - reviewed journal in the field of nuclear science and technology. It has also been accredited by both the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI).

For detail please visit the following address:AIBPA 2014

Posted: 2014-09-16
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Table of Contents


Reliability Study of the AP1000 Passive Safety System by Fuzzy Approach PDF
J.H. Purba, D.T. Sony Tjahyani
Spectroscopic Studies of Soft X-Ray Emission from Gadolinium Plasmas PDF
I Kambali, G. OSullivan
Electronic and Optical Properties of Aluminum Oxide Before and After Surface Reduction by Ar+ Bombardment PDF
D. Tahir, H.J. Kang, S. Tougaard
Determination of Magnet Specification of 13 MeV Proton Cyclotron Based on Opera 3D PDF
Taufik Taufik, A. Hermanto, P. Anggraita, S. Santosa
The Effect of Urea Molasses Multi-Nutrient and Medicated Block for Beef Cattle, Beef and Dairy Cow PDF
Suharyono Suharyono, H. Sutanto, Y. Purwanti, Martanti Martanti, A. Agus, U Ristianto
Flow Characterization of Vapor Phase of Geothermal Fluid in Pipe Using Isotope 85Kr and Residence Time Distribution Modeling PDF
S. Sugiharto, Wibisono Wibisono, Kushartono Kushartono, Achdiyat Achdiyat, B. Azmi, T. Suryantoro, A. Yani, Z. Abidin
Design and Development of Hand and Foot Contamination Monitor PDF
F. Akter, F. Hafiz, M.A.S. Haque, M. Hoq, M. Hasan