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Posted: 2014-11-24
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Table of Contents


Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of 3 MW TRIGA Research Reactor of Bangladesh Considering Different Cycles of Burnup PDF
M.H. Altaf, N.H. Badrun 107
Development of TRIGA Fuel Fabrication by Powder Technique PDF
H. Suwarno 113
Glucose Metabolism in Sheep Fed Grass Supplemented with Gliricidia Sepium PDF
Y. Widiawati, E. Teleni, Suharyono Suharyono 121
Calculated Radioactivity Yields of Cu-64 from Proton-Bombarded Ni-64 Targets Using SRIM Codes PDF
I. Kambali 129
Correlation between Expression of MVP, Index of p53 and AgNOR Value with Chemoradiotherapy Clinical Response of Cervical Cancer PDF
I. Kurnia, B. Siregar, S. Soetopo, I. Ramli, T. Kurjana, D. Tetriana, B.S. Hernowo, A. Andrijono, M.D.M. Tobing 135
Preliminary Study on Mass Flow Rate in Passive Cooling Experimental Simulation During Transient Using NC-Queen Apparatus PDF
M. Juarsa, J.H. Purba, H.M. Kusuma, T. Setiadipura, S. Widodo 141
Pseudospin Symmetry of the Position-Dependent Mass Dirac Equation for the Hulthén Potential and Yukawa Tensor Interaction PDF
A.N. Ikot, C.N. Isonguyo, J.D. Olisa, H.P. Obong 149