Atom Indonesia was first published in 1975. This Journal covers experimental and analytical research in nuclear science and technology.

The Topics include nuclear physics, reactor physics, radioactive waste, fuel element, radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, radiation, and neutron scattering, as well as their utilization in agriculture, industry, health, environment, energy, material science and technology, and related fields.



Table of Contents

Cover Atom Indonesia Vol 47 No 1 PDF
Preface Atom Indonesia Vol 47 No 1 PDF


Radon Concentrations in Canned Liquid Juice PDF
A. A. Abojassim 1-4
Study of Dried and Calcinated Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Microspheres Morphology by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering and Optical Microscopy PDF
A. Patriati, A. Insani, N. Suparno, E. Hutamaningtyas, S. Soontaranoon, M Mujamilah 5-10
Measurements of Natural Radionuclides and 137Cs in Airborne Particulate Samples Collected from Bali and Lombok Islands (Indonesia) PDF
S Syarbaini, W Wahyudi, G. Suhariyono, D. Gunawan, E. Suharguniyawan 11-16
Calculated Electronic Energy Loss of Heavy Ions at Low Energies in LR-115, Kapton, SiO2, and Al2O3 Amorphous Materials PDF
J. El Asri, O. El Bounagui, N. Tahiri, A. Chetaine, H. Erramli 17-23
Investigation on the Background Radiation of Abakaliki Rice Mill in Ebonyi State, Nigeria PDF
A. Nwachukwu, F. C. Ikeagwuani, A. O. Adeboje 25-30
Safety Investigation of Hazardous Materials Released from the Combined High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor – Hydrogen Production Plant Using ALOHA Software PDF
D. Priambodo, S Sunarko, W. W. Purwanto 31-38
Conceptual Design of Experimental Facility for Large-Diameter NTD-Si at the IRT-T Reactor PDF
I. I. Lebedev, D. E. Zolotykh, A. G. Naymushin, N. V. Smolnikov, M. N. Anikin, V. V. Varlachev 39-44
Synthesis and Characterization of Ordered and Disordered Mesoporous Alumina as High-Performance Molybdenum-99 Adsorbents PDF
I. Saptiama, F. Rindiyantono, A. Aries, Y. V. Kaneti, M. Iqbal 45-53
Reactivity Effects in a Very-High-Temperature Pebble-Bed Reactor PDF
D. M. Pérez, L. H. Pardo, D. M. Pérez, L. P. R. Garcia, D. E. M. Lorenzo, C. A. B. de Oliveira Lira 55-64
Proposed Managements of 137Cs Contaminated Soil: Case Study in South Tangerang City PDF
B. Setiawan, D. Iskandar, G. Nurliati, H. Sriwahyuni, M Mirawaty, P. A. Artiani, K. Heriyanto, N. E. Ekaningrum, Y. Purwanto, S Sumarbagiono 65-76
Acknowledgement Atom Indonesia Vol 47 No 1 PDF